CASTLE GA2008 Vibration Meter

Castle GA2008 is a small, lightweight, reliable instrument providing all the fundamental vibration measurements in a single key stroke, at an economical price. It is designed for production managers, maintenance engineers and anyone carrying out condition-monitoring tasks.

Integral mechanical and linear filters
Data-logging of 9 data points
Acceleration, Velocity & Displacement parameters
Measurement in rms, Max rms and peak values
Can be used in conjunction with a sound level meter to trace the source of a sound

Measurement Parameters Acceleration, Displacement, Velocity
Number of Axis 1
Maximum Acceleration 100g
Minimum Acceleration 0.1g
Maximum Displacement 1000µm
Minimum Displacement 0.1µm
Maximum Velocity 1000mm/s
Minimum Velocity 0.1mm/s
Maximum Operating Temperature -10°C
Minimum Operating Temperature +50°C
Display Type LCD
Keypad Type Tactile
Battery Type 1xPP3
Model Number p GA2008

CASTLE GA2008 Vibration Meter



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