CASTLE 05VK042 Vibration Meter

The control of vibration at work regulations 2005 state that all companies must assess the risk of employee’s exposure to hand-transmitted and whole-body vibration from power tools, ride-on machinery and other operations involving vibration. The Castle VibA(8) is dedicated to this task and is simple to use with auto-detection feature for each sensor fitted. Measured results can be downloaded into the Free VibDataLITE software for download, storage and analysis of results.

Standards: ISO 8041-1: 2017, ISO 5349:2001, ISO 2631:1997
Tri-Axis measurements
Automatic set up for each sensor
Stores up to 4080 files
Average Level (Aeq- each axis)
Exposure Points for 5, 15, 30 & 60 minutes
Time to reach regulation action and limit values
Also: rms, max rms, Time Averaged, Peak, Vector Sum
Sensitivity 1mV/g, 10mV/g or 100mV/g

Simple to use and dedicated to the measurement of Whole Body Vibration, The VibA(8) comes with a MEMS accelerometer based seat pad for the measurement of vibration through the seat or feet. Full colour display, large memory and a long battery life make this unit a user-friendly instrument.

Whole-Body frequency weighting filters
Vector Sum of Axes
Dominant Axis and VDV

Measurement Parameters Acceleration
Maximum Acceleration 3.5g
Minimum Acceleration 0.001g
Model Number p 05VK042

CASTLE 05VK042 Vibration Meter



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